Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stomach trouble II

Last night was an adventure...V woke up in the middle of the night screaming and throwing up :( we were up till 2am and it was not fun at all. This morning was no better and after a visit to the Dr. she was not allowed to eat anything, only drink juice. Poor V. J and i were dead tored but i still managed to make an octopus for a sale and I got a treasury post on Etsy. That was exciting. Here are a few pics. Lets hope tomorrow is better.

I made this guy for the holiday season. I hope he goes to a nice home. it's weird though because I listed him this weekend and he only has a few views. :( Hopefully by Halloween he will get a few more views. Oh yeah! I got a treasury heres the link:

Check it out, you can tell how sleep deprived I am by noticing that I named it "THING I think are swell, rather than THINGS. he he he.

This is one of my favorite little critters right now. She is an albino octopus. I am so surprised that she hasn't been snatched up yet. Heres to her new home and many more friends to come. I need some sleep.

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