Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paint as if your life depended on it!

So along with my love for all things fabric and plush I looove painting. It was and is my first love and I hate that I don't have much time to spend with it. I usually try to do a little work on as many pieces as I can. I am trying desperately to get them into galleries. I recently took REALLY nice pics of all of them and I will be selling prints of them on my Etsy shop. I am excited to get them out there in the form of prints...sometimes it is hard to part with an original :) Here are a few of my pieces:

Friday, September 26, 2008

back to Normal?

Hmmm, I say that all along thinking that in our little family we really don't know or have "normal" :) I think that is what makes us so much fun. V is all better now and she is her silly self again. J on the other hand is still suffering a bit. He made the mistake of eating a quesadilla for lunch and the dairy is "killing" him ...those are his words.

I got to take pics of the two new plush additions I have to my Etsy shop. They came out so neat, I am very happy with the way they seem to be coming out. Check them out, The bunny is named Holga and she was sent here from Norway to study the U.S and it's strange culture. The octopus guy is Fran...yep a boy named Fran. He loves doing tricks on his bike and blowing away any competition.

I got to sub for a teacher that didn't have a computer today and it turned out to be a great thing I got to get into my new sketch book that C gave me. I love it, it is a wierd size (9 x 6) spiral and hardcover. I doodled and worked out new ideas while the classes worked quietly on their assignments. I am going to be making some new plush that I am excited about and also i will be working on new paintings.

I though I would put up a pic of a new one of my paintings so I could show a little more of where I come from artistically speaking. I am very proud of my new work and I am currently working 4 more new paintings, hopefully I will have them done within the next few months :) Take a look.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tummy trouble III

Yep, we are still in the middle of a tummy mess. Now V is getting better and J is in the thick of it :( V woke up at 4am screaming, probably hungry. J has spent most of the day complaining about the terrible tummy pain he keeps getting every few minutes. He has only been able to sleep every now and again. I gave V this home remedy for her tummy and it seemed to work for her. I boiled rice and right before it began to cook I drained the water and mixed it into her juice bottle. She drank it up and took a nap. When she woke up from her nap she was as good as new...I'm not sure it was the rice but I was willing to try anything. I couldn't handle seeing her in pain and hungry. She was back to her normal self and helped me with the clean laundry. I mainly gave her a ride in the basket and she collected hangers and got excited about being covered in clothing.
As for J he refused to drink his portion of rice water so therefore he still feels awful, but don't tell him I said that. I managed to make two new plushies, I made a bunny and another octopus. I didn't get to take pics of them yet but here are a few pics of some of my friends.

This is Guiseppe he is one of my little friends.
He grew up in Canada but thought it was Italy. No one wanted to tell him the truth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stomach trouble II

Last night was an adventure...V woke up in the middle of the night screaming and throwing up :( we were up till 2am and it was not fun at all. This morning was no better and after a visit to the Dr. she was not allowed to eat anything, only drink juice. Poor V. J and i were dead tored but i still managed to make an octopus for a sale and I got a treasury post on Etsy. That was exciting. Here are a few pics. Lets hope tomorrow is better.

I made this guy for the holiday season. I hope he goes to a nice home. it's weird though because I listed him this weekend and he only has a few views. :( Hopefully by Halloween he will get a few more views. Oh yeah! I got a treasury heres the link:

Check it out, you can tell how sleep deprived I am by noticing that I named it "THING I think are swell, rather than THINGS. he he he.

This is one of my favorite little critters right now. She is an albino octopus. I am so surprised that she hasn't been snatched up yet. Heres to her new home and many more friends to come. I need some sleep.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome Home

This is the first official post for my new, easy blog! I have big plans for this blog and I will start by saying that while I was up most of the night with a little girl who had the stomach flu I got some great ideas for my blog. I want to do some sort of contest or drawing every few weeks so people will be able to win something cool from my shop. With the holidays comin the best gift to give is something you don't have to pay for...he he he.

This is V this morning with her dad getting over whatever crappy virus some kid gave her.

Let the blogging begin.