Friday, September 26, 2008

back to Normal?

Hmmm, I say that all along thinking that in our little family we really don't know or have "normal" :) I think that is what makes us so much fun. V is all better now and she is her silly self again. J on the other hand is still suffering a bit. He made the mistake of eating a quesadilla for lunch and the dairy is "killing" him ...those are his words.

I got to take pics of the two new plush additions I have to my Etsy shop. They came out so neat, I am very happy with the way they seem to be coming out. Check them out, The bunny is named Holga and she was sent here from Norway to study the U.S and it's strange culture. The octopus guy is Fran...yep a boy named Fran. He loves doing tricks on his bike and blowing away any competition.

I got to sub for a teacher that didn't have a computer today and it turned out to be a great thing I got to get into my new sketch book that C gave me. I love it, it is a wierd size (9 x 6) spiral and hardcover. I doodled and worked out new ideas while the classes worked quietly on their assignments. I am going to be making some new plush that I am excited about and also i will be working on new paintings.

I though I would put up a pic of a new one of my paintings so I could show a little more of where I come from artistically speaking. I am very proud of my new work and I am currently working 4 more new paintings, hopefully I will have them done within the next few months :) Take a look.

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